Composite Monopile Cover

Up to now three types of covers have been used on monopiles by the offshore industry. Tent covers, steel- and aluminium covers. All three have disadvantages. Tent covers are not suitable in wintertime. At high wind speeds there is a risk that they are blown away, contaminate the sea and leave the monopile unprotected. The steel and aluminium covers are quite expensive and the recycling process of the cover requires a lot of energy again with aluminium being the top energy consumer. As monopiles often differ in diameter per project, none of the steel or aluminium MP covers have been reused on a new project up to today.

Ingenious design

The Composite Monopile Cover is an ingenious and sustainable design, composed with unconventional materials. The construction consists of different fiber reinforced polyester panels and looks a little bit like pieces in a pie. The idea behind the different panels is that you can reuse the top panels of the cover for every diameter of offshore monopile which is currently on the market. Without a cover, the work platform inside the monopile can become wet and slippery from rain or splash water and soiled by bird faeces. Our covers ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all offshore workers.

Advantages Composite Monopile Cover