New Year's Greetings!

As we look optimistically ahead to 2024, we also take a moment to look back on 2023, a year of important milestones and growth for CCM B.V.


First we would like to draw attention to our successful offshore wind project Hollandse Kust Zuid. An impressive project that underlines our expertise and commitment in the sector. The successful completion of this project is not only a technical achievement, but also an important step forward in our contribution to the offshore wind sector. Circularity and reuse are important goals for our launching customer Vattenfall. With our new business unit Circular Covers, we will actually put reuse and circularity into practice in 2024. With this project we want to inspire the sector and thereby encourage it to follow this example.

Management Buy Out

2023 was also the year of the management buy out off CCM B.V. This important strategic move allows us to improve our services and reach new customers, while maintaining our core values and quality standards. The new structure ensures further professionalization and stable growth of the organization as a whole.

Our renewed collaboration with Theuws Groep is not only a sign of growth and expansion, but also an opportunity to join forces for innovative solutions and services. Customer service comes first and the principle is that no challenge is too big for us.


As we celebrate all these achievements, we look forward with great enthusiasm to the challenges and successes ahead. With the support of all our highly valued partners, we are confident that it will be a year of success and growth.

We would like to thank everyone for their trust and commitment in CCM B.V. Together we will make 2024 a successful year!

Leo Theuws and Michiel Kraak celebrate their renewed collaboration