We are happy with DHSS – Clarksons Port Services as one of our partners in operations.

They are working on dismantling of reusable TP Covers, who’ve recently completed its job at offshore wind farm Hollandse Kust Zuid, where part of total 140 covers are being returned at our base in Eemshaven.

♻️ Soon they will be ready again for re-use and can be adapted to other diameter monopiles for other offshore wind farms. The circular concept is currently being dismantled by our Eemshaven team.
The design of these monopile covers is innovative, sustainable and cost-saving. The construction consists of different fiber reinforced polyester panels which are connected to each other with metal strips and bolted together.
As an integrator, with a CO2 Awareness Level 3 certification, DHSS prides themselves being also involved in this part of the work for offshore wind.